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 Duel Down Under
Showdown in the Mountains
New Zealand shoots it out with Australia,  28 February - 3 March 2002. 
The call went out, some came by bus some by car, some cowboys came by train, while others came by plane. They all arrived at Cowboy Paradise for the first cowboy shoot on the new ranges, on the Wednesday, to find the local cowboys and some others too, still organizing the shooting ranges. Targets were being welded, while stage props were erected, the beer, Coruba rum and Jim Beam whiskey cart arrives, all that remained was the weather.......... 
The time is 1890, and the place is the wild west high in the mountains. Gunfighters, gamblers, outlaws and preachers, marshals and crooked lawmen, federal marshals and county sheriffs, bounty hunters and rustlers, bathhouse girls and saloon dames, blacksmiths and bankers, cowboys and sodbusters, doctors and lawyers, yes you too. Step back in time, and grab your six guns, lever rifles and shotties put on ya hat and boots and let the spirit of the old west course through your veins. Hear the gunfire and echoes of the ghosts of wild and famous men and women from long ago.......        3 Duel Down Under

The 28th of February was looming closer by the day. At this time "Cowboy Paradise" didn't much ressemble a shooting range, but still the earthmoving machinery were carting gravel, building the access road, levelling the range floors and preparing the surfaces to erect the marques. Three days to go and finally the new bisaloy targets arrived, now they needed to all have the mounting hooks welded on. This was what confronted the early arrivals who had travelled from many parts of Australia and New Zealand, to be part of the third annual Duel Down Under. Trans Tasman rivallry is just as strong in cowboy shooting as in all other sports, however all such rivallry was put aside as cowboys from both nations worked shoulder to shoulder building props assembling targets erecting marques, and all the thousand and one other jobs that had to be completed. This is the true cowboy spirit, without it the third Duel would not have happened. Thursday the 28th, side match day, and would you believe it, it rained, not just rain, that we could have handled, it bucketed down all day and most of the night. Consequently the scheduled side matches were cancelled or postponed until Sunday. It was particularly dissappointing to cancel the cowboy clays as I think that this event has hugh potential in this country. Main match morning and it looked like the whether was going to improve, fingers crossed. Sixty shooters from both sides of the Tasman listened to the customary welcome and briefing.                    
 the story continues


Formalities behind us and at last the first shots were fired on the Trail Blazers' new range "Cowboy Paradise". There were seven stages each day, shot on six ranges. Stages varied from ten rounds through to thirty odd rounds. Some had knife/axe throwing, all required movement down range. There were windows and doors to shoot through, there were steps to climb up and down, there was a building with three rooms to attack one day and defend the next.
The rain was never far away during both days of the main match, shooters more than once had to scurry to shelter out the worst of the showers.Come 4-30 on Saturday and all shooters had completed the fourteen stages of the main match.Saturday evening and time for the formal banquet. As in previous years our local French chef Pierre exceeded expectations with his culinary repertoire. Inside the marque it was warm and inviting while outside it was wet and wild with thunder and lightning just for good measure.Many shooters were still telling yarns well into the small hours. Sunday morning and the whether still looked threatening, however the Quarry Gang members got the long range rifle events underway, while on the other ranges the speed events were being fought. Lunch time was followed by the presentation of prizes and results.



Schofield Sue,
Miss Ruby,
Silver Rose,
JEB Stuart,
Black Ace,
Bald Eagle,
Rooster Cockburn,
Sam Balin,
Doit Daily,
Doc Cummings,
Kento Kid,
Payden Kash,
Speed Rifle:
Payden Kash,
Joe Kidd,
Speed Pistol:
Kento Kid,
Payden Kash,
Speed Shotgun:
Payden Kash,
Joe Kidd,
Long Range Rifle, 
Single Shot:
Kento Kid,
Long Range Rifle,
Rifle Cal.
Doc Watts,
Schofield Sue,
 Shooting Results

The kiwi's win


Now the one that everyone was waiting for, which country would take the magnificent Fredrick Remington trophy for the next twelve months.  In a closely contested battle New Zealand came through as the winners. Sam Balin from Australia handed the trophy over to Kento Kid who received it on behalf of New Zealand. Many new friendships were made and despite the whether it was a great occasion to be part of. The Duel Down Under will no doubt continue to grow in support from both countries and I'm sure will one day soon be the biggest cowboy match in Australasia. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those shooters who did so much more than what is normally expected to enable this match to be completed.
Also thankyou to the R/Os, they do the extra so that the rest of us just have to shoot.


Come see some shooten



Duel Down Under 2002      Photo Gallery
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The trophy back in NZ.

Tucson in action with the knife.

The natural gun rack.

Tucson, Ifeelya and Doit Daily

Silver Rose, Cro, Cole Younger study the stage.


Hannibal shoots it out.

Mild Bill loaded for a shootout.

Little Big Horn

Kento Kid and Little Big Horn 

Tucson from the south.


Ifeelya shoots em up with her shotty.

Joe Kid,  Doit Daily and The Kid.


Doc Watts and Silver Rose

Yosemite Sam and Rooster Cockburn


London Lass and her youngin's
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Ernie Southpaw, Doit Daily, Ifeelya and Snake

Sam Balin hands the trophy over to Kento Kid. 

Madam Jade


 Ernie Southpaw and Tucson

The Kid, Doit Daily, Sudden, LittleBig Horn

And the party went all night

Ernie Southpaw and Madam Jade

The Kid

Rooster Cockburn

Tucson's on Coruba Rum

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