Milltown, Lake Kaniere, Hokitika, South Island, New Zealand. 
The Building Starts ...............

Dynamite Dave, Granny, Wyatt Earp, Ernie Southpaw, Sudden and Sudden's kids working on the new prop on range #5. Over the coming weeks a new building was built.

Click for larger pic
Click for larger pic. Soon the 4 walls and the rafters are up. Dynamite Dave is nailing up a stay, while Sudden holds it in place. 
Another view of the new building framework. Dynamite Dave and Sudden are checking levels.  Click for larger pic
Click for larger pic. Sudden, Wyatt Earp, Ernie Southpaw, Dynamite Dave and Granny put in the veranda poles. soon the roof will go on and then the wall boards. 
Finally the new building on range #5 is finished on the 25 January 2003. Too much Speights Beer and Jack Daniels was drunk this day....... Click for larger pic.

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