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"A Sunday Shoot Out"

Some Christchurch cowboys Rimfire, Gringo and Oldie managed to ride over from the east coast to have a friendly shin din with the wild boys and gals from the mountains.
The Trail Blazers Gang, Wyatt Earp, Sudden, Dakota Dixie, Granny, Dynamite Dave, Ernie Southpaw, Madam Jade, Sapphire, Nitro Kid, Sundown, Dangerous Dolly and the Southpaw's dog Mindy made our visiting cowboys welcome and arranged some interesting courses of fire. this included shooting from a fort, and hip shooting a shotty through doorways and speed shooting with a six gun. 
Lots of good shooting was enjoyed by all, in brilliant west coast sunshine, and later Sudden's buffalo steaks were put on the grill, it was washed down by many Speights, a great southern brew. 

Check out some photos

Dakota Dixie loads up !!!! click for larger pic
Dakota Dixie loads up.
Granny with a Winchester lever action rifle.
Granny shows them how, with a lever rifle.
Wyatt in action ! click for larger pic
Wyatt Earp

Sudden shows us how.
Sudden shows us how
Trail Blazers Gang and Christchurch boys Rimfire, Oldie & Gringo
The Trail Blazers Gang & Rimfire, Gringo & Oldie

Dakota Dixie smoking em
Dakota Dixie 
Gringo from Christchurch doing a reload.
Gringo from Christchurch.
Rimfire, Oldie and Gringo from Chrisrchurch.
Rimfire, Oldie & Gringo
Dynamite Dave shooten em up
Dynamite Dave
Sapphire with shotty. Click to see larger pic
Sapphire with a shotty.
Beer time  Dynamite Dave drinking Speights
Speights time, great southern brew.
Wyatt getting stuck into Sudden's Buffalo steaks
Steak eating time

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The Trail Blazers Gang from the Southern Alps.  Copyright Cowboy Paradise. Ernie Southpaw 10.6.2002